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Quien es la doctora Liliana Spitaletta?

I am a certified physician with over 15 years of experience treating the medical needs of people. My expertise is in facial aesthetics, general medical diagnosis, disease prevention, nutrition, and lifestyle planning. They are part of my conscious yet competitive approach. I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances. I consider myself a "student for life", eager to build my academic foundations in aesthetic medicine and stay in tune with the latest health treatment strategies through ongoing courses. My hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to my success. I am constantly updating my knowledge through the cutting edge in my industry and with this, I greatly improved the productivity of my team by implementing strategic methods to enhance beauty and ensure better life balance for your client. I believe that mindfulness in the workplace is key to success: I have done everything possible to improve the lives of my clients by communicating with them and asking the right questions. I am currently working as the owner of my own aesthetic clinic in Cartagena, Colombia, and I am always interested in a challenge. Contact our WhatsApp to connect.



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Relaxing Massages
" It was a wonderful experience, I felt super good when Dr. Liliana Spitaletta performed the procedure, she explained everything step by step and I felt a lot of confidence and security. "

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