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Come to Cartagena and enjoy better care at better prices 

​​we believe that true beauty lies within each individual, waiting to be revealed and celebrated. Our passion for enhancing natural beauty and empowering our clients to embrace their unique allure drives everything we do.

Why you should get aesthetic care in Cartagena, Colombia

lower prices

Visit The most beautiful city
Of Colombia

Have access to the best care in the country 

One in a lifetime experience 

Our Services

• Suerotherapy  ​

• Facial Cleansing

• Facial hydration

• Relaxing massage

• Botox

• Radiesse – Ellanse – Sculptra


• PDO yarns

• Metabolic management and obesity.

• Metabolic management and obesity.

Home deliver Intravenus Threapy.

As seen in


Dr. Liliana Spitaletta seeks to transform human beauty with innovative techniques in her patients


" It was a wonderful experience, I felt super good when Dr. Liliana Spitaletta performed the procedure, she explained everything step by step and I felt a lot of confidence and security. "

15 Years of experience

I greatly improved the productivity of my team by implementing strategic methods to enhance beauty and ensure better life balance for your client. I believe that mindfulness in the workplace is key to success: I have done everything possible to improve the lives of my clients by communicating with them and asking the right questions.

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